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  2. " The Silver Queen "

    starring Sydney

    Photographed by Aurelius Creates

  3. High Fashion Visuals uptown with Sydney the cops were mad cool letting us shoot in the middle of the road | #aureliuscreates #vscocam #neckofthewoods #editorialphotography #nikon #fashiondesigner #projectnoir #visuals #professional #igvideo #clt #uptown #model


  4. Livestreams for Game of Thrones s4 premiere


    It’s on at 9:00PM ET 

    Livestream #1

    Livestream #2

    Livestream #3

    More will be added if we find them 

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    NYC Visuals


  7. sueeatart:


    You ever looked at a price tag like 


    For this shirt ?

    yeah man

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  8. From the Underground


  9. Anonymous asked: I remember seeing a pair like that in the mall that were black. Almost bought them but decided not to when I saw they were about $300

    yea those were $30 i couldn’t do $300 to rich for my blood lol 


  10. Anonymous asked: What dress shoes are the light brown ones you have on in your picture collage

    got them from H&M last week

  11. Stop Dreaming Start Packing

  12. Brooklyn through my Eyes

  13. No Windows in the Sky

  14. Bench

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    The Missing Piece. Coming soon…